Patronage Opportunities

Why Become a Sponsor?

Sponsorship offers an excellent advertising opportunity. As a sponsor you will reach a wide audience that includes not only the participants but also those who attend the shows. your involvement with a sport represented at the Olympics establishes you at the forefront of equestrian event marketing.

Three Day Eventing at an Olympic level is engaging, high profile and fast paced. It reaches an affluent, upwardly mobile market segment that is passionately loyal to products and services that support their equestrian interests (See "Demographics of the equestrian audience" for more details).

The expenses outlined below explain why Jessica needs your support to compete at the Olympic level:

Fuel Over $10,000 per show season
Entry fees Over $10,000 per show season
Stabling Over $20,000 per year
Coaching Over $10,000 per year
Blacksmith Over $2,000 per year
Vets Over $3,000 per year

Total annual expenses: $55,000

Sponsorship Opportunities

A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available with benefits arranged according to the needs of the sponsor.

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It’s people like you that
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